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SOFCON is one of the best process design training institute in India, offering quality education and extensive training to the attendees. Thousands of students are getting placed in different companies, because of the kind of training and education offered by SOFCON.

Corporate trainers give training to the students as per the current market standards. And if we take into the consideration of teaching methodology, SOFCON believes that practical exposure is a must for establishing a good future. Practical ensures that theory is absorbed in a fully fledged manner making it as top process design training institute in India.

SOFCON is one of the top 10 process design training institute, with state of art equipment and world-class lab facility. The course, module is developed as per the latest study requirements. From the introduction of front-end engineering design to the roles and responsibility of a chemical engineer, everything is taught by SOFCON in a very easy way.

SOFCON also offers advanced level training to the students, making it an advance process design training institute in Noida Delhi NCR. They also offer live project process design training, which is beneficial for those, who have acquired advanced level knowledge of process design. The atmosphere of SOFCON helps in boosting the confidence of students and makes them ready for the upcoming interviews. They also carry out internship programs for the students to increase their chances of getting recruited by the companies, hence making it internship training for process design institute.

The training offered by the students helps in transforming from students to professionals taking an attractive salary package to their home. They offer classes at a different time that is morning batches, evening batches, weekend batches, and fast track classes. One of the attractive aspects of studying at SOFCON is that the courses are offered at very fewer rates.

Trainers of SOFCON provide assistance in getting jobs in different companies. Grooming classes are also offered to students for personality development. Excellent lab facility is provided to the students, batch size is small and because of this students can easily clear off their doubts. No hidden charges are asked from the students for giving them placements.

Course Content

What we learn…..

Module: 1

Fundamental of Process Plant Engineering

• Overview of EPC & Process Industries and Scopes.
• Designing Methodology of EPC Industry.
• Overview of Basic Engineering Packages.
• Overview of an Engineering Organization.
• Flare System in Process Engineering.
• Relevant Code & Standard For Plant Processing.
• Process Control & Optimization Code.
• Process Development & Case Analysis.
• Detail of Various Process Condition by Client side & their documents.
• Role of Process Engineer in various Industries.
Introduction of Process Design Engineering
• Development of PFD,P&ID,PDS
• MFD,UFD,FFD,BFD of Equipment.
• Line List, Equipment List, Equipment Data Sheet.
• Heat & mass Transfer & Recovery.
• Fundamental of Material Balance.
• Fundamental of Energy Balance.
• HMBT Calculation of Specific Process.
• Equipment Selection & Specification.
• Process Block Diagram.
• Control Valve & Pressure Safety Valve.
• Pressure Relief Valve & level of over Pressure Protection.
• Newtonian Fluids Analysis for Single & 2 Phase Flows.
• Selection of Material & Corrosion Study.
• Distillation Binary System Calculations.
• Cause & Effect Diagram.
• E.T.P Design.
• Design of Indirect Fired Heater
• Design of Desalter
• Slug Catchers
• Free Water Knock Out Drum (FWKO)
• Design of Separators.

Process Fluids Phase Behavior

• Fluid Flow Operation.
• Flow Rate & Velocity Calculation
• Flow Property Analysis –Reynolds Number.
• Composition of Well Fluids.
• Well Fluid Determination.
• Well Fluid Phase Behavior & Terminologies.
• Nature of Wells.
• Slenderness Ratio.
• Reservoir Component.
• Equation of State.
• Molecular sieves(Adsorbers)
• Contactor (Absorber)

Pipe Hydraulics & Line Sizing

• Hydraulics & Pump Hydraulics Calculation.
• Line Sizing & Pressure Drop Calculation.
• Nozzle Sizing
• Darcy Weisbach & Hazen William Equation.
• Pipe Separation

Process Equipment Detail Design

• Process Equipment
• Distillation Column Definition, Classification, Selection & Sizing.
• Cooling Tower Heat Exchanger Definition, Classification, Selection & Sizing.
• Vessel Definition, Classification, Selection & Sizing.
• Furnace Definition, Classification, Selection & Sizing.
• Reactor Definition, Classification, Selection & Sizing.
• Mechanical Equipment
• Pump Definition, Classification, Selection & Sizing.
• Pump Cavitations & NPSH Calculation.
• Compressor Definition, Classification, Selection & Sizing.
• Storage Tank Definition, Classification, Selection & Sizing.

Process Safety & Protection

• Introduction of Safety Environment in Process Industry.
• Explosion prevention techniques.
• Risk assessments as per IEC 62305-2.
• Explosion Triangle and Mode of Safety.
• Explosion prevention techniques
• Relevant Codes and Standards for Hazardous.
• Hazardous Area of Classification.
• Hazardous Analysis.
• Hazardous Operation.
• Hazardous Identification.
• Concept of Group, Zones and Classes.
• The ATEX requirements
• Type of Process Equipment Suitable for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.
• Types Of Protection For different Hazardous.
• Hazardous source List Preparation.
• Marking Of Equipment Nameplates.
• Hazardous Area Drawings / Layouts.

Module: 2


• Introduction to HYSYS Software
• Propane Refrigeration Loop
• Refrigerated Gas Plant
• NGL Fractionation Train
• Oil Characterization
• Gas Gathering System
• Two-Stage Compression
• Compressor and Pump Curves
• Water Content & Natural Gas Hydrates
• Natural Gas Dehydration with TEG
• Rating Heat Exchangers
• CO2 Capture with MEA
• Acid Gas Sweetening
• Flash Calculations
• Stream Property Flash Value Calculations of a Ethanol-Water Mixture
• Gas-Plant Example
• Optimization in HYSYS
• Set and Adjust Logic Operations
• PFD Preparation
• Sizing of LPC Columns.
• Sizing of CO2 Absorber.
• Analysis of Butane, Light Neptha
• Striper Design.
• Oil Manager / Characterization
• Pipe Sizing and Pressure Drop in HYSYS
• Aspen Simulation Workbook and Reporting in Aspen HYSYS.

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