Our Training Courses

Our Training Courses

2/4/6 Weeks Winter Training

Sofcon Training which stands with a cogent and concrete portfolio in delivering the trainings based on short term courses and long-term courses. From its expertise in industrial training, Sofcon has consistently upgraded the standards of the students by occupying the voids between the students and the corporate.

In addition, with the strong placement history, Sofcon has always been on the top of the bucket for high quality services claiming the quality and par excellence services. The strong value with an innovational technique on trainings from decades in every term and the strong headed training team has led the company to touch the highest peak.

Sofcon Training is the significant industrial training institute with training across India including Noida, Delhi, Pune, Lucknow, Ahmedabad. Since Sofcon , one of the most frequent institute has gone to the high standard of training quality , the curriculum schedule has been extended to the summer training as well as Winter training in Noida. With the huge Project based on different categories and field, we have highest infrastructure and facilities with maximize placement support. Sofcon has got the delineated modules and training sessions as per the student’s requirements and customization.

Training is usually conducted for winter training and other cities during daytime, weekend and fast track sessions where the academy institute delivers 4 weeks training Sofcon is one of the winter training institutes as well as the summer training institutes which conducts the classes as per the seasons as per the variation in duration .With an aggressive promotion, these courses are job oriented executes as per the market standards. Added to this Sofcon conducts smart classrooms in addition with the smart labs and face to face interaction to create an ambient by increasing the efficiency.

Recognized Internationally with the affiliation of NSDC, the In-Campus trainings are projected and strategized to assist and abet in improving the technical abilities profiting the freshers to mid-level experienced groups. Sofcon has it’s high demand in the industry as because of its tangible training program in varies cities as it does as the technology is blooming and augmenting day after day, modernizing and apprising is what it demands, where most of the corporates longs for the knowledge rather than the educational degrees. Promotion and endorsement of the practices implements and enforces to enroll competitive benefits and compensations which can distinguish one from the others based on polished skills.

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