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»Overview of EPC Sector for various Industries .
»Introduction to Process Plant Engineering.
»Internal Departmental Coordination Reference documentation.
»Relevant Code & Standards for Civil Engineering.
»International Standard for Design, Practices/Procedure & Specification.
»Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry for Onshore & Offshore Petroleum.
»Understanding Client Requirement & Specific Inputs for Projects.
»Knowing various phase of Project Execution.
»Fundamental of Structural Design Engineering.
»Material & Structural Design Elements
»Load Analysis & Size Calculation.
»Support & Sleepers Design
»Preparation of Civil Drawings & Documents.
»Civil  Symbols & Abbreviation.
»Key Plan & Unit Plan.
»Plot Plans and Civil Layouts.
»Protection & Safety Consideration.
»Testing, Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Civil Structure.
»Role & Responsibilities of Civil Engineer in various Domains.

Module : 1

Planning & Structural Design Engineering

•    Introduction to Front End Engineering Design (FEED).
•    Designing Methodology of EPC Industry.
•    Overview of Basic Engineering Packages.
•    Overview of an Engineering Organization.
•    Role of Civil Engineer in various Industries.
•    Relevant Code & Standard For Civil Structure.
•    1893 Seismic Code for Structural Design.
•    Conventional Signs and Symbols.
•    Detail of Various Structure by Client side and their documents.

Design of Structural Elements

•    Concrete Elements
•    Steel Elements
•    Structural Joints

Loads Analysis & Size Calculation.

•    Loading Calculation.
•    Wind, Snow Load.
•    Load Combination.
•    Slab Load Calculation.

Materials and Structural Design

•    Design of RCC Beams, Columns and Slabs.
•    Different Types of Slabs/ Beams/ Columns/ Footings
•    Designing of Slabs/Beams/Columns/Footings/Staircase
•    Overhead Tank Design.
•    Staircase Design.
•    Ductile Detailing.
•    Plate Girder.
•    Concrete Chimneys.
•    Steel Beam & Column.
•    Connection  Design.
•    Base Plate Design.
•    Portal Frames and Bracing Design.
•    Deciding Columns/Beams/Slabs positions
•    Orientation of Columns
•    Storm Water Drains.
•    Soil Mechanics.
•    Footing Raft Design
•    Pile Foundation.
•    Equipment Foundation Under Vibrating Type.
•    Concept of Gravity.
•    Underground Water Tanks.
•    Projecting of points, lines surfaces and solids .

Steel Structure Design

•    Design Approach of Steel Structure.
•    Connection of Steel Structure.
•    Tension members steel structures.
•    Compression members of steel structures.
•    Beams-Columns of Steel Structures.
•    Beam Size Calculation.
•    Industrial Building of steel Structures.
•    Bridges, Tanks & Towers.

Support & Sleepers Design

•    Equipment Support Structure & Foundation.
•    Pipe Rack and Sleepers.
•    General Civil Work-Road, Drains, CRWS, OWS & Paving.
•    Dyke Wall, Tank Farm Area, Boundary Wall, Fence & Gate.
•    Draw various types of arches and lintels.
•    Prevention the structure with DPC.

Approximate Analysis for Structural Design.

•    Cable Structures
•    Prestressed Concrete Bridges.
•    Constructability and Structural Control
•    Fire Protection & Safety.

Module : 2

 Civil Drawings/Layouts

•    Civil  Symbols & Abbreviation.
•    Key Plan & Unit Plan.
•    Plot Plans and Civil Layouts.
•    Preparing Structural Drawings.
•    Draw sketches from models.
•    Elevation section of buildings.
•    Isometric of building views.
•    Draw different ground floors.

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