Solar Design Training – 15 Advanced Topics You Cannot Learn Anywhere Excepting Sofcon

Sofcon is the leading industrial training company in India. Sofcon provides industrial training for various engineering domain.

Solar Design & Drafting Training course provided by Sofcon at the most advanced level and as per current industry requirement.

Solar Design Training

Get full Solar Design Training Course from details here:

  • Introduction to Renewable, Non Renewable & Sustainable Energies
  • Fundamental of Solar Energy & Solar Power Generation Technology
  • Solar Radiation & Shadow Analysis
  • Selection & Sizing of PV Cells
  • Solar Power Plant Balance of System
  • Selection & Sizing of Solar Inverters
  • Cable System Design
  • Battery & Charger System
  • Connection of PV Module
  • Module Mounting Systems
  • Energy Efficiency & Calculation
  • Losses in GC PV Systems
  • System Yield & Performance
  • Electrical Design & Load Analysis
  • System Protection & Electrical Safety
  • Site Survey & Assessment
  • System Commissioning Techniques
  • System Installation Techniques
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Cost Estimating of Industrial Solar Power Plant
  • Solar Power Plant Layouts/ Drawings

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