How to Become an Automation Engineer?

A career in the automation industry is a good option for many aspiring engineers. The salary in the industry is great and so is the exposure. If you’re considering becoming an automation engineer, then here are a few things you must know.

Career opportunities in Industrial Automation

Automation engineers perform all kinds of exciting jobs. Some of them are: Automation Product or Project Managers, Sales or Marketing Engineer, PLC Programmer, Field Systems Engineer and many others.

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How to Start Career in PLC Automation

When starting any career- not just in PLC Automation- one must gather ample knowledge about the field. Things like daily responsibilities they may have as well as an understanding of the basic concepts of the field are mandatory.

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If you’re planning to start a career in PLC automation, make sure you are trained right after college. A good training course in PLC automation should come with industry experience and internship. This helps you get a step ahead in your career, as such training completion demonstrates your knowledge and skills.

Completion of a good training program in PLC automation is not the only requirement to start building a strong career in this field. You must also know your value and put in lots of hard work as soon as you get a job.

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Put yourself out there. Always be up and ready to get your hands dirty, volunteer for additional work and complete your assignments with integrity. Your seniors and managers will be looking for those who are keen and eager to prove themselves.

If you have additional skills that you feel could be beneficial for any projects, communicate and let others know. You should take advantage of opportunities given to you.

These are a few ways you can start making a great career for yourself in PLC automation.

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Automation Engineer Salary in India

The base salary for a fresher automation engineer in India starts from Rupees 2 lakh per annum. This may be increased depending on skills acquired before the job, or as per the individual’s experience. An engineer in the automation industry can earn up to 1.9 crore per annum at the peak of their career in India.

Top Automation Training Institute India

When looking for training to upskill yourself or simply to gain more knowledge post your graduation, you must look for courses that not only satisfy the industry requirements but also are from reputed institutions.

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Sofcon Training is an institute of global repute. We provide training in all kinds of engineering fields. Learners from our institute have gained jobs in companies in India as well as multinational companies, with good salary packages.

Our PLC Automation training will give you the required knowledge to fill in the knowledge gap and to be ready for jobs in the automation industry. This knowledge is facilitated by ample training hours through modes of internship in the industry that will make you job-ready.

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