Industrial Automation HMI/PLC SCADA Software and Pharmaceutical Companies

There has always been serious emphasis in reliable data in pharmaceutical manufacturing. In simple terms, pharmaceutical manufacturers should follow instructions and document actions correctly, so that if any deviation occurs in the product, the company can investigate it and put measures in place so that the same error does not happen again. This guarantees the repeat ability and safety of the product being manufactured and protects the brand.

Industrial Automation


Data integrity refers to the completeness, consistency and accuracy of data, which needs to be attributable and legible. More importantly, drugs approved on basis of inaccurate data could pose a threat to patients’ lives. For all these reasons data integrity is at the heart of the pharmaceutical ecosystem.

Use of reliable HMI/PLC SCADA software
The pharmaceutical industry has been slowly transitioning from manual paper records to industrial automation PLC SCADA HMI based electronic records. Batch records are in electronic form today, but other systems, including production processes, documentation and sampling, are yet to be digitalised. Although paper records can work well for some companies but they leave scope for human error and data manipulation than electronic records.

The true benefits of digital records is realised when companies use reliable industrial automation HMI/PLC SCADA software that automatically records the actions at each stage. The PLC SCADA software also makes data manipulation impossible. Another advantage of using SCADA HMI software for electronic records is that there are no more gaps in the records, which in turn improves data accuracy/Integrity. HMI/PLC SCADA software can automatically log any critical event and allows users to set alarms or notifications whenever pre-defined values exceed set parameters. This ensures that any deviation in the industrial automation process is identified in real-time.

The individual login ensures data integrity
To ensure precise data integrity individual logins are assigned. The general practice used is to assign username and password to each operator/individual. With individual user login enabled, the system can record any action or change made by an operator, thus offering a clear picture of the overall industrial automation process.

Data safety
Data safety is of critical importance for pharmaceutical companies. How does a manufacturer ensure that its production data is safe and cannot be manipulated? By using reliable HMI PLC SCADA Software, companies can help eliminate this issue. When exporting archives to an external database, the software uses its internal mechanisms to check whether the data has been correctly and completely transferred. The data is never lost or corrupted. To ensure data safety, the PLC SCADA software stores critical data such as audit reports, alarm and event. By integrating Industrial automation HMI/PLC SCADA software with ERP system, pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve savings; reduce energy consumption and raw material wastage, eliminate unplanned downtime by applying predictive maintenance. Manufacturers can have optimum utilization of manpower by freeing the staff used for recording data manually and employing their skills elsewhere in the business.


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