What Should be the Essential Skills to Get a Job in Core Industry

We, and also the employers, know very well (from personal experience, of course!) that 4 years are limited time and is not sufficient to learn everything that the industry demands from an engineer.

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Every engineer wants to get a job in core industry. Finding your favorite job is the scope of can secured your future. But now the question is how to get a job in core industry after degree.

Finding a job is not easy, but this is not so difficult. If you are repeatedly failing in the interview, you will not get the courage to do so. But you should never lose courage. You should focus on your study and always try to learn new thing. Just identify that deficiency and try to improve it. Only this kind of your habit will lead you to the summit of success.

In this article we will discuss how to get job in core industry. Read this article carefully I hope this will definitely help you.

You should focus on these important skills:

#Skill 1 – Knowledge of the Core Subject:

“As an engineer first identify yourself that you have sufficient knowledge in your field of study. For an example – A mechanical engineer needs to know the basics of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Machine Design, Manufacturing Processes, CAD/CAE, etc.”

#Skill 2- Application of the Knowledge:

“Good grades on your graduation certificate can improve selection score of your cv. But there are much difference between good grades and job opportunities. It is because of the fact that a good knowledge on any subject does not warrant the ability to apply it to solve real-time problems. Employers are keen for engineers, who prove that they can call upon the relevant skills as and when required. We strongly recommend you to start developing projects “that work” to make your application skills evident.”

#Skill 3 – Information Literacy:

“We, and also the employers, know very well (from personal experience, of course!) that 4 years are limited time and is not sufficient to learn everything that the industry demands from an engineer. Moreover, new jobs required new skills are being created every year. So you should learn new skills, modern technology, complete knowledge of latest equipment and more.”

#Skill 4 – Analytical & Creative Thinking

“As engineers, you are expected to be creative enough to come up with innovative ideas and analytical enough to link knowledge from different areas to solve problems. Tinker with every new idea you encounter. Experiment!”

#Skill 5 – Multi-disciplinary Exposure

“As an engineer you should learn multiple skills because it is make you friendly to work with a team. For example, an electronics engineer needs to work in a team consisting of designers, computer engineers, marketing managers, and project managers etc. for a project in mobile technology. A basic understanding of these different divisions in the work will make his/her life easier.”

#Skill 6 – Acquaintance with Computers & IT

“In today’s era understanding of computers and gadgets is no more a trade-skill, but a life-skill. A working knowledge on mobile and web apps, programming language, the internet, social media etc. is as essential as proficiency in English.”

#Skill 7 – Passion for Learning

“The last and the most essential quality that will make you not only a better engineer but a better person is the never-ending spirit for learning. Many prominent personalities (and “gods”) are of the opinion that the day a human being stops learning is the day he dies! Let this single mantra drive your life and you will be successful at whatever you take up.”

How to achieve above skills?

To achieve these above skills you should search and join the best industrial training institute that helps you to acquire these skills. Sofcon is one and only institute that meets all these criteria. Sofcon is a leading NSDC (National Skills Development Center) certified training company provides from basic to advanced level training for Diploma/B.E/B.Tech (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Computer Science, Information Technology, Civil and Mechatronics) freshers and working professionals.

Here in Sofcon you can learn advanced skills like Robotics, Electrical Design, Industrial Automation, Piping Design. MATLAB, VLSI, PCB & Circuit Design etc.

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