Future of Industrial Automation

Industrial revolution 4.0 has brought with it radical changes. it is especially true for industrial automation. Nowadays everyone is aware of the terms IoT, AI, 5G, Augmented reality, etc. It is because of these developments in the industry that this sector has been able to remain unaffected by global recession. The same development has also […]


Career Growth: Career as Electrical Engineers 2022

In this modern world, who can deny the contribution and need for electrical engineers? As the world is advancing towards growth, the need for economical but quicker systems is increasing. SCADA systems are crucial to speed up industrial processes, bring automation in place for quicker decision-making and more efficient performance, along with reducing errors in […]


Accepting Automation In India, 2022

COVID-19 has changed the world completely. What started as a small threat to a city in one country, has so rapidly spread that it has impacted every business sector and industry- driving millions of people jobless and billions of people to stay behind closed doors. While the majority of the workforce has shifted to work-from-home, […]


Open Doors To Digital Marketing: Know All About Scopes, Courses & More

Digital marketing, though the phenomenon started from outside India but as it reached the country, it spread and spread like a wildfire. Currently, India is the world’s second-largest online market after China, with over 560 million internet users. With increasing Smartphone adoption and increased data penetration, a significant amount of today’s consumers and especially youth, […]


Which Are The 13 Topmost Web Development Programming Languages?

IEEE Spectrum produces a list of the top programming languages each year, like so many other organizations and analyst firms, leveraging 11 metrics from no less than eight sources (including Twitter, Stack Overflow, and more). This one of a kind list in the magazine it breaks down languages by use-case, enabling one to see the […]


The Future Scope Of Mechanical Engineering Post Covid-19 Pandemic

Engineers, all over the world, will always be in demand and you are in most luck when you are a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers being a versatile sector requires skills and specialization with its demand across various industries. This also means that the escalation rate for this occupation is nuanced. As per The Bureau of […]


5 New-Age Job Prospective After Electronics Engineering

Electronics and communication has, over the years, become one of the most widespread courses in the engineering world, a vital component of almost every domain. During this technologically powered age, the visioning industries and the daily life without electronics and connectivity seem out of the question. So, if you are looking for various jobs after […]


Best Short Term Courses After Electronics Engineering

All the newly graduated people of Electronics Engineers, you might be going through doubts on which course to join post the academic degree? Well, it is completely understood, it can be a bit overwhelming to find the specific short term course to help you make your future prospects brighter. This article will try and help […]



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