Best Design Courses for Mechanical Engineers

Career as a mechanical engineer can be sped up by completing certain certifications. These certificates act as proof of a candidate’s expertise in that field and help them get better jobs. Here are some of the most in-demand design courses for mechanical engineers:

Best Design Courses for Mechanical Engineers

HVAC design course: HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This course is quite a popular one among mechanical engineers. This course is aimed to advance the candidate’s career and enable them to get industrial experience before starting a job. Completion of this course can also be a facilitator to getting better opportunities. This course will teach students about fundamentals of HVAC, designing and planning, overview of electricity and electronics, handling of equipments, air terminals, various ventilations, cooling and heating systems and much more.

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Piping Design & drafting course: in this course, the students will be taught piping design and drafting in large scale industries such as petrochemical plants. The course will start by familiarizing the students with the basics of drafting and how to create piping designs and getting acquainted with drafting principles. This course will be accompanied by guided training by professionals in the industry who will teach students industry best practices and principles. Creating piping layouts, drafting skill development, computer aided drafting, understanding the guidelines and basics of all piping design and drafting will be a part of this course.

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MEP Design course: MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing course. It is a very comprehensive course that entains planning, mapping and estimation of MEP in all industrial projects. From heating, cooling and ventilation to electricity, water supply and drainage, an MEP engineer has to plan it all out according to the industrial plan. This course not only teaches the students how to create such plans most effectively, but also gives hands-on industrial training under the guidance of experienced professionals.

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