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PLC Scada Training in Noida

PLC Scada Training in Noida

What is SCADA and importance of SCADA Training
SCADA is a software which enables engineers, supervisors, managers and operators to view and interact with the workings of entire plant operations through graphical representation of their production process. Earlier PLCs use to be black boxes. You program the PLC, download the program, and it will run for years. In this case you really don’t know what is happening inside the PLC.Today automation systems use PLCs and SCADA combination. This gives you better monitoring and control of the plant and also you have access to the information the way you want. Therefore it has become essential for engineering students aspiring to enter industries to undergo PLC SCADA Training. Sofcon has been running PLC Scada Training in Noida its fully equipped centers in India.Sofcon is known as one the best PLC Scada Training in Noida. SCADA runs on a PC and is generally connected to various PLCs and other peripheral devices. It enables you to generate applications for the most demanding requirements of plant engineers, operators, supervisors and managers tailored precisely to the needs of each plant. SCADA constantly gathers data from the plant in real-time, stores and processes it in the database, evaluates and generates alarms, displays information to plant operators, supervisors and managers and can issue instructions to PLCs on the plant floor.

Scada Training courses

Importance of SCADA:

  • Manufacturing status is updated in real time
  • Production schedules can be viewed and updated directly


  • Data integrity and quality control is improved by using a common interface


  • Direct connection to many devices, displays improves troubleshooting reduces diagnostic/ debugging time
  • Plant can be viewed remotely. Notification can include pagers, e-mails, and phones.

Enterprise information

  • Corporate information and real time production data can be gathered and viewed from anywhere within your operations
  • User specific information ensures better informed decisions


  • Common configuration offers flexibility for constant configuration
  • Capable of connecting to wide variety of systems. Reduces start up time.


  • Unscheduled down time is reduced due swift alarm detection and event driven information
  • Makes operations easier and more repeatable with its real time functionality
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