Embedded Systems Career – All You Need to Know About

Embedded systems is an extremely in-demand field today. The future holds a lot of promise for aspirants in this sector. But how do you know if it’s the right choice for you?

For students or aspirants who want to make a career in embedded systems, the information online can become overwhelming. So, we have brought a concise version of all the information you need if you’re considering building a career in embedded systems.

Take a look at the following:

Career Opportunities In Embedded Systems

As an embedded systems engineer, there are a lot many options open for you. After completing your bachelor’s degree, you must pursue either a master’s or a degree program to improve your chances at getting better jobs. Short-term training courses are also valuable options if you want to stand out as a prospect candidate in job interviews.

After completion of your chosen degree, you can choose any of the careers from the following: Embedded Hardware Engineer, embedded application development, Modelling and simulation engineer or verification engineer. Of course, other careers in marketing and sales or management are also open after completion of an embedded symptoms degree.

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Future Of Embedded Systems In India

The future belongs to graduates of embedded systems. Engineers graduating in this field will be met with millions of job opportunities in the country in the near future. Not only are embedded system engineers highly in demand in India, but equally- if not more- in the international market.

All forms of software and hardware are now completely reliant on embedded engineers for the numerous functionalities. Big names in the tech industry such as TCS, Wipro, Accenture will be the largest recruiters. So, get yourself prepared with a few months of industrial experience to stand a good chance against your competitors.

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Best Course For Electronics Engineer

One of the best career options for an electronics engineer today is to get into the field of embedded systems. If you’re someone looking to be hired by world-class companies like Samsung, Bosch, and others, then this is the right path for you.

These world leaders use embedded systems in all their software and hardware requirements. Companies in all kinds of industry- such as electronics, automotive, healthcare- hire embedded engineers from any background. So, not only is being from an electronics engineering background more beneficial for your career, but also gives you an edge over the others.

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How to Start Career in Embedded System

There are multiple ways to start a career in embedded systems. As this is a high in-demand field, persons from many different engineering backgrounds can make a shift to embedded systems.

If you’re only a high school graduate, you can get a BTech degree in either computer science or electronics engineering. Make sure when choosing a college or university, you take a look at companies that have hired candidates previously as well as internship and training opportunities.

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If you have completed your higher studies, then consider applying for training programs or internships at reputed institutions.

To accelerate your chances, make sure you have some kind of training in the field as well. If you’re not from a top ranking college, getting an internship in some of the bigger names in the industry will boost your profile.

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