How to Build a Career in Electrical Design & Drafting?

In a country like India, it is a student’s dream to become a successful engineer. With so many options to choose from, a career in electrical design and drafting is definitely a safe and wise choice.

There are two ways in which you can start your career in this field.

Firstly the most common way is to get a bachelor’s degree either in B.Tech, BE or Diploma with specialization in Electrical Engineering. While B.Tech is a four-year course, Diploma (Polytechnic) is only for 3 years.

These courses will teach you the basics of electrical design and drafting and give you an idea of the kind of work you will be taking up. Sometimes, universities or colleges provide internships or projects where you will be able to put your knowledge to test.

In case this does not get you the desired dream job, the next step is to complete either an internship with a reputed organization or to complete a short certification course in this field.

This option usually brings in more job opportunities because when bachelor degree courses fail to address some of the crucial aspects of electrical design and drafting, these training and certifications fill in that gap, and make the candidate more prepared to handle the responsibilities of bigger projects.

Having certification courses in one’s CV does become more appealing to the hiring party as a certificate shows the candidate’s expertise.

Having said that, one thing you must keep in mind is the place where you get your degree from. The name of the institute or university does play a huge role in getting you suitable jobs.

Even when considering training, internships or certification courses, we recommend choosing only the top rated and best institute for electrical design training because they will help you fill in the gaps in your education and experience.

Sofcon Training is a centre of national repute which guarantees placement right after completion of courses. These certificate courses also have mandatory industry based training so that all the graduates come out with hands-on experience of working with the best names in the industry.

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