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Best Php Training Institute

With the advent of digitization, the internet has helped a lot in making things possible. PHP (personal home page) also called as Hypertext Pre-processors, the importance of which has increased to an extent. Thinking of its importance, some of you must be willing to enhance the skills by attending some of the classes.

Sofcon is the best PHP training institute in Noida among others. The center is equipped with all the facilities required to train a candidate. The faculty of the Institute demonstrates the candidates with live projects PHP training in Noida for better understanding. Usually, the candidates who are willing to learn different coding languages get gravitated towards choosing PHP developer as their career. Apart from this, they are also good at mapping complex processes. At Sofcon the candidates gain hands-on experience programming, etc. The center is also known for providing job oriented PHP training in Delhi.

Those who have basic or sufficient knowledge of PHP but want to brush up their skills can opt for advance PHP training with placement guaranteed. It has been observed that candidates from various branches wish to make their career as PHP developers, as it holds immense potential in the growth of individual professionally. Working individuals also wish to attend the classes of PHP training. So, keeping everything in mind Sofcon conducts classes in such a way that, who so ever wishes to attend the class. That is regular classes, weekend classes; evening classes are conducted as per the convenience of the candidate. Sofcon offers PHP training with 100% job guarantee to the candidates.

Talking of the scope, you can start working as a freelancer, once you gain experience. Some of the big online portals are developed using PHP such as Facebook, Yahoo, flicker and many more. So, once you successfully complete the course you can get the opportunity to work with big brands. Even, if you don’t make it to the big companies initially, once you gain enough experience you will surely get the opportunity to work in to notch organization.

Core PHP Course Content

• Language and the Logic of Programming
• Types of Programming Languages and Vocabulary
• What is PHP
• Why use PHP

PHP Language Basic
• Syntax
• Quotes
• Comments
• Special Characters
• Data Types
• Precedence
• Symbols

PHP Identifires
• Variables
• Constants
• Arrays

PHP Control Flow Basics
• Operators
• Conditionals

PHP Functional Basics
• Functions
• Function Design Tools
• File Systems (Handling)

File System Basic
• Constants
• Commonly Used File Functions
• File System Performance

PHP Web Concepts
• Client/Server Communications
• How to embed PHP into HTML
• How to embed HTML into PHP
• Cookies
• Sessions
• $_GET and $_POST

PHP Database Basics
• Introduction to Relationship Databases
• Keywords and Statements in SQL
• Using PHP Functions with the MySQL Data Engine

Developing PHP Apps
• Defining a Solution without Writing Code
• Organizing a Concept Solution
• Creating a Program Skeleton
• Defining Error Checking Requirements
• Introduction to Application Security

Challenges Project
• Coding an Order Inquiry application

PHP Frameworks
• Laravel PHP
• Symfony PHP
• CodeIgniter PHP
• Cake PHP
• Zend Framework PHP
• Phalcon PHP
• Slim PHP
• Yii PHP
• Fat-Free PHP
• Kohana PHP
• Fuel PHP
• Flight PHP
• PHP-Mini
• Simple PHP Framework
• Zikula PHP
• joomla php framworks

Introduction to PHP MySQL
• Discussion of Three Tier Architecture
• How PHP works with the Web Server
• Hardware and Software requirements
• Saving data for later
• Receiving user input
• Repeating code

Learning PHP
• PHP Basic
• Conditions and Branches
• Loops
• Variables and Arrays
• Strings
• Functions

MySQL Databases
• Database Basics
• Loading a Database
• MySQL command Interpreter
• Creating a database
• Modifying a database
• Administering a database

Developing an application using PHP and MySQL
• MySQL functions in PHP
• Querying a database
• User-Driven Querying
• Previous and Next Browsing
• Inserts, Updates, and Deletes
• User Authentication and Management
• Ordering and Shipping

Three tier architecture for course module
• Client tier
• Middle tier
• Database tier

PHP MySQL Project Work
• Development using php/mySQL
• Unit Testing
• Deployment
• Coding Documentation

Advanced PHP Course
Framework: Codelginter
• Introduction to CodeIgniter
• Why a Framework
• History
• Download and Installation
• Introduction to MVC
• Configuration Settings
• Routing
• Controllers
• Views
• Models
• Helpers
• Libraries
• Form Validation
• Fetching Data using Input Class
• Session
• Database
• Active Record

Framework: Magento
• Magento
• Magento Installation
• Magento Features
• Configure Magento Webstore
• Magento Products
• Magento Products Import
• Magento Quantity
• Magento Categories
• Magento Special Prices
• Magento Orders
• Magento Themes
• Magento CMS
• Magento SSL
• Magento Customer Management
• Magento Modules
• Magento Shipping Modules
• Magento Payment Modules
• Magento Issues
• Magento Newsletter
• Magento Widgets
• SEO for Magento
• Google Analytics for Magento
• Move Magento
• Shipping and Payment methods in Magento
• Common issues with importing/exporting

Why To Choose Sofcon for PHP Training

• Training program as per International Code & Standard
• NSDC Affiliated certificate
• Guided by the industry’s renowned professionals with unprecedented knowledge of the Industry.
• Highly interactive program with practical and relevant case studies.
• Training by extensively researched self-developed cutting edge techniques.
• Skill development techniques with comprehensive set of documentation, practical skills & tools used in Industry.
• Fully equipped lab facilities with latest technology
• Interactive, interesting and motivational training sessions.
• Access to enormous reference books and research materials.
• Live Project & onsite exposure(Industrial Visit)
• Interview Preparation
• Placement tie up with leading Industries
• Assured Job opportunity in Core Industries

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