Best Job Oriented Courses After BE in Electronics Engineering

After completing engineering in Electronics there are various short term job oriented courses for ECE students. Choose one of them according to your interest and ability that will guarantee you a job. Some of the courses include:

job oriented courses after electronics engineers

In this post I am going to share more helpful and the best courses for electronics and communication engineering students are available in India that will help you to get better job in core industry. If you are looking for job or enhance your technical skills you should choose after completing B.E. These are some best courses for electronics engineer are very helpful in cracking a high paying job because they provide deep essential knowledge and enhance your technical skills in short time period. Such courses are specially designed as per current industry’s market expectations. In this article we are discussing about best job oriented courses after BE in electronics engineering.

Select the best course as per your interest and ability

After completing engineering in Electronics there are various short term job oriented courses available for you. Choose one of them according to your interest and ability that will guarantee you a job. Some of the courses include:

Embedded Systems – Combination of computer hardware and software. Choosing Embedded Systems can be the good choice it is a good job area that merges computer science and electrical engineering. This industry provides high salary job and better career option.

Robotics – Especially for Electronics Engineers. This field has enormous job scenario in space research organization; microchips manufacture industry, medical and automotive industries for making experimental robotics, etc. This can be the good choice if you have interest in this area.

CADD – CADD certificate programs include general learning courses in communications, composition and mathematics. This course focuses on teaching students skills in CADD and other related topics.

In this technology you will learn:

Blueprint reading
Residential drafting

Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) – VLSI in itself is a wonderful technology which is about understanding & developing internals of an Integrated circuit. The main objective of VLSI course is to analyze the electrical and design characteristics of transistors, gates. Secondly, to learn the methodologies involved in the integration of these devices into complex high-performance systems. In VLSI certification course you will learn:

Digital Design
System Verilog

PCB & Circuit Designing – For an electronics engineering graduate student, PCB Designing is great field to get a job in PCB Design or PCB manufacturing companies. In PCB Design certification course you will learn:

PCB Schematic
PCB Editor
PCB Layers
Design Information to the PCB
Routing Diagram
PCB Layout and Grounding
Drawing and Documentation

• Industrial Automation – After completing Industrial automation you will be able to working with various process industries like Cement, Power, Chemical, Plastic, Pharmacy, Oil & Gas, Steel, and Paper etc. In this course you will learn:

Motion Control (Drives & Motors)
VFD & Motors
Panel Designing & AutoCAD
Process Instrumentation
Industrial Networking/Wireless Technology
Soft Skill Development

The best advantage of these job oriented courses is that they all are short term courses and be complete within duration of minimum one month to maximum three months. You can join and learn according to your comfortable time slots. You can learn in week days and weekend. It is most important to choose the reputed and the best institute offering these short term courses from many years and help you to find a job.

Sofcon India Pvt Ltd is can be the best option. Sofcon provides job oriented training for last 20 years and has unbreakable record in providing training and placement. Till now Sofcon has trained more than 1 Lakh students with placement assistance. Engineers trained by Sofcon are doing jobs in most reputed companies in India. Sofcon provides all the above courses as per current industrial requirement. Sofcon Training has 9 branches in big cities in India. You can visit in the cities like Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bhopal, Indore and Vadodara. You can choose one of your nearest branches.

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