What is the Difference Between Soft Skills and Placement Training?

Soft Skills helps students to get knowledge about personal attributes and interpersonal abilities.

In other hand, Placement training helps students to get all knowledge about latest and advance technologies according to industry norms:

Soft Skills:
Soft Skills are an aggregate of human’s competencies, social abilities, communication competencies, individual or persona traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence quotients, among others, that enable people to navigate their environment, work nicely with others, carry out nicely, and gain their goals with complementing hard abilities.

Soft-skills are usually described as personal attributes and interpersonal abilities, Such as:
Accepts Responsibility
Making decisions
Positive Attitude
Group Working
Stress Management
Dealing with Aggression
Listening Skills
Counseling Skills
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Decision Making
Problem Solving
Reflection & Clarification

Placement Training:

Placement training centers helps students in shaping up the career goals. Every engineering student wants to get jobs in core industry and looking for high salary. Keeping this objective of the students, placement and technical training centers designed their course contents according to current industry norms and standards, so that students can get proper knowledge about technologies.

Placement Training covers, such as:
Career planning
Career mapping
Personality development
Quantitative Aptitude
Logical Reasoning
Verbal reasoning
Mock Interviews
Group discussion
Aptitude tests
Career Development Programs

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