Best Web Designing Training Institute – Job Oriented Web Designing Training

Are you willing to make your career as a web designer? Then you must be making the list of top 10 web designing training institute, from a large number of institutes. Don’t waste your time, looking for any institute who claims to be good enough to fulfil your needs. Sofcon is one of the best web designing training institute in Noida. The kind of environment provided in the institute encourages students to do well in their course and hence get placed in the reputed company.

The labs are equipped with state of art equipment for training students. Sofcon has experts who have excellent knowledge and experience to offer to the students. At Sofcon, aspirants learn the skills of custom effects, the introduction of photography (stock), designing complex website layout, and creating banners, flash website training and many more on real time projects. So, that attendee’s gain excellent hands-on experience. They are well known for offering job oriented web designing training to the students at very affordable rates. We all are aware of the fact that designing of the website in an attractive manner is of utmost importance. They are also known for offering web designing training with job and placement at no additional cost. The course modules are designed as per the latest market standard so that their students don’t lack in any situation in any quality.

They are also offering direct level advance training in the web designing advance, hence is also one of the best web designing training institute in Noida.

They also offer live project web designing training thus offer great practical exposure to the students. Internship facility is also offered by the Sofcon to the students as per the corporate requirement. The internship training for web designing offers a great opportunity to the students, and thus helps them in securing a good position in an organization.

What will You Learn – Advance Web Designing Course

Introduction Web Design
• Introduction to Web Design
• Domain Names & DNS
• Client and Server Software
• Static & Dynamic
• Careers in Web Technologies

Adobe Photoshop
• Introduction of Stock Photography
• Types of Images and Image Editing Tools
• Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
• Using Photoshop Tools
• Layers
• Actions and Filters
• Creating Custom Effects
• Design Banners
• Basic Website Layout
• Design Complex website Layout
• Conversation of PSD to XHTML

Adobe Flash
• Introduction to Animation
• Introduction to Adobe Flash
• Tools in Adobe Flash
• Frame Animation
• Various Flash Effects
• Creating Flash Banners
• Creating Flash Intro’s
• Creating Flash Website
• Basics of Action Scripting

• Structure of HTML
• Basic HTML Tags
• Advanced HTML Tags
• Difference between HTML & DHTML
• DHTML Basic tags
• Introduction to Doc Types
• Creating Simple HTML Pages

Cascaded Style Sheet (CSS)
• Introduction to CSS
• Types of style sheets,
• Types of CSS Selectors
• Complete CSS properties
• Converting Table layout to CSS,
• Custom CSS Layout Design
• Creating simple and dropdown menus
• Creating Appealing forms using CSS

• Client and Server side scripting
• Introduction to Java Scripting
• Types of Java Scripts, Variables
• Operators
• Loops
• Objects
• Events and DOM
• Common Javascript functions
• Using Javascript in Dreamweaver
• Java Script Validations
• Implementing Menus, Galleries etc
• Introduction to Ajax
• Real time Ajax Examples

How to create Web Site
• Client Requirements/Specifications
• Creating a concept and layout
• Choosing a Color Scheme
• Choosing Stock Photography
• Texture and Typography
• Design a Professional Layout
• Conversation of PSD to CSS
• Implementing JavaScript.

Web Hosting (By FTP)
• Web Hosting Basics
• Types of Hosting Packages
• Changing Name Servers
• Linux and Windows CP
• Using FTP Client.

Bootstrap Introduction
• History
• Advantage of Bootstrap
• Setting up Environment
• What is Modal First Strategy
• Bootstrap First Application

Bootstrap Grid
• What is Grid System
• Container
• Floating Container
• Multiple Grids
• Offset Column
• Centering Content Horizontally
• Reordering Columns
• Images and Responsive Helpers
• Look and Feel Customization

Bootstrap Basics
• Bootstrap Typography
• Bootstrap Tables
• Lists
• Forms
• Validation States
• Button
• Bootstrap Helpers
• Hiding content based on resolution

Bootstrap Components
• Dropdown Menus
• Button Toolbar and Groups
• Button Dropdown
• Input Group
• Navigation Tabs and Pills
• Navigation Bar
• Breadcrumb
• Pager
• Labels
• Alerts
• Progress Bar
• jQuery
• Introduction
• JavaScript
• jQuery Introduction
• The jQuery ready Function
• jQuery Documentation
About jQuery
• How jQuery Works
• Additional jQuery Support

Using jQuery Core
• $ vs $()
• $( document ).ready()
• Avoiding Conflicts with Other Libraries
• Attributes
• Selecting Elements
• Working with Selections
• Manipulating Elements
• The jQuery Object
• Traversing
• CSS, Styling, & Dimensions
• Data Methods
• Utility Methods
• Iterating over jQuery and non-jQuery Objects
• Using jQuery’s .index() Function

• jQuery Event Basics
• Event Helpers
• Introducing Events
• Handling Events
• Inside the Event Handling Function
• Understanding Event Delegation
• Triggering Event Handlers
• History of jQuery Events
• Introducing Custom Events
• jQuery Event Extensions

• Introduction to Effects
• Custom Effects with .animate()
• Queue & Dequeue Explained
• The uses of jQuery .queue() and .dequeue()

• Key Concepts
• jQuery’s Ajax-Related Methods
• Ajax and Forms
• Working with JSONP
• Ajax Event

SOFCON Provides Advance Training at Different Centers in WEB DESIGNING Like

Web Designing Training in Noida
Web Designing Training in Delhi
Web Designing Training in Lucknow
Web Designing Training in Gurgaon
Web Designing Training in Pune
Web Designing Training in Bhopal
Web Designing Training in Ahmedabad
Web Designing Training in Vadodara
Web Designing Training in Jaipur
Live Project Web Designing Training
Advance Web Designing Training with Placement
Job Oriented Web Designing Training
Placement Based Web Designing Training
Web Designing Summer Training
Best Web Designing Training Institute

Why WEB DESIGNING Training from Sofcon?

• Training program as per International Code & Standard
• NSDC Affiliated certificate
• Guided by the industry’s renowned professionals with unprecedented knowledge of the Industry.
• Highly interactive program with practical and relevant case studies.
• Training by extensively researched self-developed cutting edge techniques.
• Skill development techniques with comprehensive set of documentation, practical skills and tools used in the Industry.
• Fully equipped lab facilities with latest technology
• Interactive, interesting and motivational training sessions.
• Access to enormous reference books and research materials.
• Live Project & onsite exposure(Industrial Visit)
• Interview Preparation
• Placement tie up with leading Industries
• Assured Job opportunity in Core Industries

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