IT-Electronics Companies will Provide 4.17 Lakh Jobs

Young people in IT and electronic fields will not need to go to Bangalore or Pune now. In the next five years, 4,17,137 youth will get jobs in the state. In the second ground breaking ceremony of Investor’s Summit, the IT and Electronic Department plans to land on 16,957 crores on the ground.


About 1.70 lakh youth will get employment through the companies coming to the event when they start working. On the other hand, companies in the previous ground breaking will also open the door to 2.47 lakh jobs. Most companies will start production fully after 5 years of starting work. Then the youth of the state will not be short of jobs.

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26 Companies to Invest More Than 16 Thousand Crores

26 companies of IT and electronic companies are coming for investment in second ground breaking ceremony. In this, Vivo Global, Oppo Mobile, Holtek India, Sunvoda Electronic, Higher Appliance and KHY will invest Rs 14077 crores. The remaining 20 companies are going to invest Rs 2880 crore.

Vivo Global is investing the largest amount of Rs. 7429 crores in this. These companies will create mobile phones, parts of mobile, consumer goods etc. 521.71 acres of land is being given for these investments. These investments will be done in the electronic manufacturing zone of Noida-Greater Noida.

Now these areas are being expanded on Yamuna Express Way. Kumar Prashant, Special Secretary, IT and Electronic Department – says that our plans are being given land till the jawar area. There are plans in the outskirts of Noida and Greater Noida.

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Investments of More Than 41 Thousand Crores in the First Ground Breaking Ceremony

In the last year, Ground Breaking Ceremony had invested Rs 41,414 crore in IT and Electronic. There were 11 companies invested in it. This investment will provide employment to 2,47,150 youth.

In the first ground breaking, the schemes of companies like BSNL, Reliance Geo Infocomm, World Trade Center, Tigna, Infosys were laid.

Top 5 Alliance Companies
TEGNA Electronic Pvt Ltd ——— 1.30 lacs
Oppo mobile ——— 59 thousand
Vivo Global ——— 46 thousand
World Trade Center ——— 50 thousand
TCS ——— 30 thousand

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