Digital Marketing Training Institute in Noida & Delhi | Live Project SEO Training in Noida & Delhi

Sofcon is one of the best digital marketing training institute in Noida. And this institute is helping thousands of students getting placed in the reputed organization and secure a dream job. It is well known for offering digital marketing training in Noida to the students with the latest study material and also providing an excellent practical environment for better understanding of the subject.

Sofcon is well equipped with the latest, state of art equipment so that aspirants learn skills relevant for the development of the attendees. It comes under the list of top 10 digital marketing training institute in Noida. As Sofcon is well equipped with high-tech infrastructure and lab facilities, students get to experience live project digital marketing training, to improvise their skills.

So, if you are a graduate and trying your luck hard to get placed in an organization, then Sofcon is going to be one-stop solution for all your requirements. Digital marketing is gaining importance among the industry as it offers maximum benefits at minimum costs. They offer 100% placement for the students. They don’t charge extra amount for placement. It is also one of the best internet marketing training institute, training students about SEO, SMM, PPC, and many others. By learning all these skills, they can help the organization in increasing traffic towards their website and grab hold attention of them to convert them into customers. Sofcon is also one of the best online marketing training institute, by their rigorous training approach they train aspirants with every tactic which must be implemented towards the development of an organization.

And if you are looking for internship training for digital marketing in Noida, then you don’t have to go anywhere else, as they provide internship at a very affordable rate.

Digital marketing training enables an aspirant to pursue different responsibility, that is they can either opt for SEO jobs, SMM jobs, digital marketing jobs. The extensive hands-on experience trains the aspirants to have complete knowledge of digital marketing. Job prospects in this field are enormous, all they need to locate a best digital marketing training institute, to shape their career.

MODULE 1: Basic Digital Marketing
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
Understanding Digital Marketing Process
Benefits of Digital Marketing
Increasing Visibility
Types of Visitors
Visitors Engagement
Types of Lead and Conversion
Visitor/Customer Retention
Inbound and Outbound Traffic
Types of Lead and Conversion

MODULE 2: Website Planning & Creation
WWW Concepts?
Understanding Domain
Understanding Domain Extensions
Types of Domain Extensions
Types of Websites
About Web Server & Web Hosting
Difference Between Shared, VPS & Dedicated Server
Cloud Based, and Reseller Web Hosting?
Basic of HTML
Use of PHP, CSS & JavaScript
Understanding WordPress Platform
Purchasing a domain and web hosting
Connecting domain & hosting
Use of FTP & File Zila

MODULE 3: Search Engine Optimization
SEO Fundamentals?
About SERP?
Understanding Search Engines
How Search Engines Work?
Keywords Concept?
Types of Keywords
About Exact Match, Phrase Match & Broad Match Keyword?
Search Queries?
Different Types of Search Queries
Difference Between Keywords and Search Queries
Understand Keyword Planning Tools
Keyword Research Process
Google Search Operators
Web Traffic
Different Types of Website Traffic
On Page SEO
Understanding Keywords
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Keywords
Keyword Stuffing
Keyword Density
Keyword Proximity
Keyword Prominence
Page Naming (URL Structuring)
Importance of Meat Title and Description
How to Create Meta Title and Description
Heading Tags (H1, H2… H6)
Image Optimization
Content Optimization
Anchor Text
Difference Between Anchor Text and Anchor Tag
Page Speed Optimization
HTML Sitemap Creation
XML Sitemap & Its Importance
XML Sitemap Creation
Meta Robots
Schema Integration
Adding Google Webmaster and Analytics Tool
Off Page SEO
Domain Authority?
How to Increase Domain Authority?
Page Authority?
How to Increase Page Authority?
Back Links?
Different Types of Back Links
About Link Building?
Types of Link Building
Link Building Strategies
Video Creation & Submission
Infograhics Creation & Submission
Podcast Submission
Blog and Articles Submission
Social Networking Sites
Profile Creations (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin)
Press Release Submission
Business Directory Listing
PPT & PDF Creation and Submissions
Google Updates & Algorithms
EMD Update
Google Humming Bird?
Google Panda Algorithm?
Google Penguin Algorithm?
Understanding SEO Tools
Keyword Research Tools (Keyword Planner & Others)
SERP Rank Checker Tools
Content Duplicity Checker Tools (Copyscape)
Competitor Analysis Tools
Social Media Post Scheduler Tools

MODULE 4: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Introduction to PPC Advertising
Overview of Microsoft AdCenter
Google Adwords Overview
Understanding Inorganic Search Results
Introduction to Google Adwords & PPC
Adwords Account Structure (Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads & Keywords)
Types of Advertising Campaigns
Search Advertising
Display Network Advertising
Ecommerce Advertising
Video Advertising
Difference between Search and Display Campaign
Understanding Adwords Algorithm
How does Adwords rank ads?
Quality Score?
Why quality score is important?
Why CTR is important?
About CPA?
About CPM?
About CPC?
Understanding Bids
Creating Search Campaign
Introduction to Search Network?
Different Search Network Campaign Goals
Website Traffic
Location Targeting Methods?
Bid Strategy (Manual CPC, Enhanced CPC)
Budget Targeting & Fixing
Creating Adgroups
Understanding Keywords (Exact, Broad, Phrase & Synonyms)
Ad Creation
Creating Display Campaign
Display Network?
Using Display Planner Tool
Different Display Network Campaign Goals
Website Traffic
Product and Brand Consideration
Brand Awareness and Reach
Campaign Subtype Setting
Standard Display Campaign
Gmail Campaign
CPM Bid Strategy
Audiences Targeting
Finding relevant websites for ads placement
Creating text ads
Creating & uploading banner ads
Creating Shopping Campaign
About Shopping Campaign?
Introduction to Google Merchant?
Google Merchant Account Creations
Data Feed Creation
AdGroup and Ads Creations
Keyword Targeting
Creating Video Campaign
About Video Campaign?
Different Video Campaign Goals Targeting
Product and Brand Consideration
Brand Awareness and Reach
Video Campaign Subtype Setting
Standard Consideration
Standard Awareness
Different Bid Strategies
Maximum CPV
Maximum CPC
Audience Targeting
Types of Video Ads Format
In-stream Video Ads
Video Discovery
Tracking Performance/Conversion
About Conversion Tracking
Importance of Conversion Tracking
How to Setup Conversion Tracking
Adding Tracking Code in your Website
Checking Conversion Stats
Remarketing Campaign Setting
Creating Remarketing List

MODULE 5: Google Analytics
Introduction of Google Analytics
Google Analytics Work Structure
How to Set Up Analytics Account
Adding Analytics Code to Website
Types of Visitors?
Difference Between Page Views & Sessions
Different Types of Traffic
Goals and Conversion?
Goal Setup
Types of Goals
Bounce Rates
Difference Between Exit and Entry Bounce rates
How to Setup Filters and Segments?
Integration of Adwords and Analytics account
How to create Analytics Report?

MODULE 6: Google Webmaster
Introduction to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster)?
Use of Google Search Console
Verify Website with Google Webmaster
How to Use Structured Data?
Rich Card and How to Use?
Use of Data Highlighter
How to Check Internal Links Using Webmaster?
Manual Action Report?
How to Add Sitemap.xml in Google Webmaster?
How to Check Website Crawl Error?

MODULE 7: Social Media Optimization
Social Media Intoduction?
Benefits of Social Media
Top Social Networking Sites
Facebook Business Profile Creation
Post & Content Creation for Facebook Post
Using # Tag
How to Increase Customer Engagement?
Audiences Targeting
How to Create Twitter Profile?
How to Use # Tag
Using # Tag
Google Plus Page Creation
Creating Post for Google Plus
Linkedin Profile Creation
Linkedin Post Creation

MODULE 8: Social Media Marketing
About Different Social Media Platforms?
How Social Media Marketing is Different from Other Internet Marketing?
Facebook Marketing
Creating Facebook Page
Uploading Content
Increase Visitors
Facebook Advertising
Types of Facebook Advertising
Creating Facebook advertising campaign
Payment Module- CPC vs CPM vs CPA
Conversion Tracking
Facebook Advertising Tools
LinkedIn Marketing
Introduction to LinkedIn?
Creating Company Profile
Company Profile v/s Individual Profile
Understanding B2B & B2C Concept
LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Ads Creation
Twitter Marketing
Introduction to Twitter
Twitter marketing tools
Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
Creating Twitter campaigns
Types of Ads
About Twitter Cards
YouTube Marketing
Introduction to YouTube
Using YouTube for Business
Understanding Video Campaign
Benefits of Video marketing
Creating Video Campaign
Creating Video Adgroups
Targeting Options
Bidding Strategy

MODULE 9: Email Marketing
About Email Marketing?
About Bulk Mailing?
Challenges Faced in Sending Bulk Mails.
Email Marketing Types (Opt-in & Bulk Mailing)
How to do Bulk Mailing?
Use of Mailchimp
Creating a Broadcast Email
Setting up Auto Responders
Email Marketing Tools
Top Email Marketing Software and Their Uses

MODULE 10: Ecommerce Marketing
Introduction to Ecommerce?
Top Ecommerce Websites in World
Ecommerce Scenario in India
Ecommerce Marketing Strategy
How to do SEO of an Ecommerce Website?
Driving Traffic to Ecommerce Portal
Using Affiliate Marketing to Promote Your Ecommerce Business
How to Open an Ecommerce Store

MODULE 11: Content Marketing
Introduction to Content Marketing
Top Objectives of Content Marketing
Importance of Content
Why “Content is King” for SEO Scenario
How to do Keyword Research for Content
Top Ways to Write Content
Optimizing Content for Search Engine
Content Promotion to Gain Traffic
Tricks to Use Other’s Website Content
Content Syndication?

MODULE 12: Affiliate Marketing
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing History
Changes in Affiliate Marketing Industry Over the Years
Affiliate Marketing Scenario in India
Secrets of Affiliate Marketing
Money Making Tips from Affiliate Marketing
How to Earn from Affiliate Marketing Without any Investment
How to Use Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing
Get Approved as an Affiliate by is

MODULE 13: Mobile Marketing
Introduction to Mobile Marketing?
Fundamental of Mobile Marketing
Why It is Important in current scenario?
About Mobile Website?
Creating Mobile Websites Using WordPress
Using Tools to Create Mobile Website
Advertising on Mobile
Targeting Ads on Apps
Targeting Ads via Location
Targeting Ads on Search Engine
SMS Marketing
How to do SEO for Mobile App Search

MODULE 14: Online Display Advertising
Introduction to Online Advertising?
Types on Online Advertising
Display Advertising
In Text Ads
In Image Ads
In Video Ads
In Page Ads
Payment Modules
Creating Banner Ads Using Tools
Tracking & Measuring ROI

MODULE 15: Google Adsense & Blogging
Introduction to Google Adsense?
Google Adsense Criteria for Website
How to Get Approved For Adsense
Using Google Adsense Account Interface
Placing Ads on Your Blog

MODULE 16: Google Adwords Certification
Google Adwords Fundamentals
Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Video Advertising
Shopping Advertising
Mobile Advertising

MODULE 17: Google Analytics Certification
Google Analytics Certification

SOFCON Provides Advance Training at Different Centers in Digital Marketing Like

Digital Marketing Training in Noida
Digital Marketing Training in Delhi
Online Marketing Training in Noida
Online Marketing Training in Delhi
SEO Training in Noida
SEO Training in Delhi
Live Project SEO Training in Noida
Live Project SEO Training in Delhi
Internet Marketing Training in Noida
Internet Marketing Training in Delhi
PPC Training in Noida
PPC Training in Delhi
SMO Training in Noida
SMO Training in Delhi
Email Marketing Training in Noida
Email Marketing Training in Delhi
Affiliate Marketing Training in Noida

Why Digital Marketing Training from Sofcon?

• Training program as per International Code & Standard
• NSDC Affiliated certificate
• Guided by the industry’s renowned professionals with unprecedented knowledge of the Industry.
• Highly interactive program with practical and relevant case studies.
• Training by extensively researched self-developed cutting edge techniques.
• Skill development techniques with comprehensive set of documentation, practical skills and tools used in the Industry.
• Fully equipped lab facilities with latest technology
• Interactive, interesting and motivational training sessions.
• Access to enormous reference books and research materials.
• Live Project & onsite exposure(Industrial Visit)
• Interview Preparation
• Placement tie up with leading Industries
• Assured Job opportunity in Core Industries

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