Big Data Benefits in Oil & Gas Industry Automation

In the Oil & Gas Industry, shifting prices mean shifting priorities. With oil at $100/barrel, exploration and production companies emphasize speed. At $50/barrel, the priority shifts to performance. That applies not only to every drop of oil but to every asset and every process. The industry has been through this before. Upstream operators know they […]

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How To Protect Industrial Automation Control Systems From Hacking

In the last few years activities of hackers have intensified, they have infiltrated information of credit cards, health care providers, retailers and other consumer industries. Cashless transactions/e-payments are basically for making the life easier, but hackers use the very technology in contrary. They gain access to our private information and financial accounts. As a result, […]

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Industrial Automation HMI/PLC SCADA Software and Pharmaceutical Companies

There has always been serious emphasis in reliable data in pharmaceutical manufacturing. In simple terms, pharmaceutical manufacturers should follow instructions and document actions correctly, so that if any deviation occurs in the product, the company can investigate it and put measures in place so that the same error does not happen again. This guarantees the […]



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