Scope of PLC SCADA Course| Best PLC SCADA Training Institute in Pune

In current times, PLC/SCADA is one of the most profitable careers for engineering students. As per a survey by Glassdoor, the annual pay for a PLC or SCADA engineer is an amount of INR 5,32,820.

A good course for PLC SCADA training from a reputed PLC SCADA training govt institute will help engineering students to rapidly progress in one’s career. Before learning the benefits of PLC Scada training and understand its scope, let us see what is Plc Scada Course.

What is PLC SCADA Training?

PLC SCADA Training is a course which provides information about various concepts to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

During the PLC training course, students are trained how to monitor various processes of input devices. PLC and Scada help to automate various processes in industrial settings.

A Programmable Level Controller is similar to a tiny computer which has the ability to receive data and send instructions via its outputs.

SCADA refers to a system which involves hardware and software components that performs the job of collecting, analyzing data and helps to automate processes.

SCADA systems are normally created with the objective of providing clear feedback and maintaining control over processes from a common, unified interface.

Designing POC (Proof of Concept), PLC’s fundamental concepts, programming instructions, strategies to handle errors and faulty diagnostics, understanding SCADA and its components are various concepts involved in PLC SCADA Course.

What is the scope of PLC SCADA?

PLC SCADA plays a crucial role in industrial automation. There is a huge demand for PLC SCADA experts as PLC SCADA simplifies the process of troubleshooting.

The usage of PLC is not just limited to industries, PLC is used in various malls and residential housing societies. PLC SCADA experts can be hired by manufacturers of industrial automation products, OEMs and processing organizations that require plant maintenance.

SCADA systems prove to be of great use to generate electricity and transmit it, water treatment, transmitting gas etc. Some of the careers one can opt for after a PLC SCADA training course are SCADA Programming, PLC / SCADA / Automation engineer, executive engineer- instrumentation PLC SCADA.

Aspirants who have expertise in PLC SCADA can also go to foreign countries like U.S.A and work in MNCs where PLC SCADA training has a huge scope.

Benefits of PLC SCADA Training

A PLC SCADA training course from a reputed PLC SCADA training government institute will help aspirants to know in detail about latest technologies and concepts related to automation along with their practical application.

PLC SCADA training provides exposure of live projects which proves beneficial to engineering students in future job roles. PLC and SCADA training helps aspirants to receive mentorship by industry experts.

This training also involves theoretical and practical knowledge about complex automation systems, robotics and various equipment. Various guides and assessment tests help students to understand and develop their knowledge of PLC SCADA systems.

Students also develop an awareness of various TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) concepts. PLC SCADA training will help students to design PLC programs at the basic level and create various SCADA HMI graphics.

This PLC SCADA training course is hugely beneficial for BE students, B.Tech students, Electrical Engineers, Computer Science Engineers, M.Tech students, mechanical engineers etc.

About Sofcon

Sofcon is the best PLC/SCADA training govt. institute in Pune that provides industrial automation training in PLC, Scada along with training in HMI and DCS.

Engineering students, working professionals, aspirants having awareness of PLC architecture, programmers and PLC experts can enroll for the PLC training course near me. Sofcon has conducted 500+ training programs and internships for engineering students and has placed 30000+ engineering students.

Soft Skills training is also included in Sofcon’s PLC SCADA’s training course. This training consists of interactive sessions to develop one’s personality, resume building and mock interviews to prepare students for future jobs. Engineering students can enroll for this course for summer training, winter training or choose the option of customized training.

Sofcon provides PLC SCADA training in Pune with 100% placement. The course material and projects for PLC SCADA training are as per industry standards. Sofcon also provides a certificate on completion of the course which is internationally recognized. To know more about Sofcon’s PLC SCADA training courses, call us at +91 7387700416 or email us at

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