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Building Management System and Building Automation System

Building Management System and Building Automation System Training Courses

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Building Management System or commonly known as Building Automation System is a control system based on software & hardware installed in buildings in order to monitors and controls the building process equipments i.e Mechanical and Electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and systems. The software program is configured in an arranged manner using protocols such as C-BUS, PROFIBUS, and etc. Manufacturers are also manufacturing systems implemented using Internet Protocols and Open Standards such as DEVICENET, SOAP, XML, BACNET, LONWORKS and MODBUS.

Building Management System is implemented where large projects with complex Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Systems is required. A Building Management System shows energy conservation of 40% of a building ; including lightning, this percentage reaches to 70%. Building Management System is one of the best systems to manage energy demands.

Building Management Systems are linked to Access Control (Turnstiles and Access door controlling of the building) Security systems like CCTV and Motion detectors. Building Management Systems also link with Fire Alarm Systems and Elevators monitoring. If there is any fire detection, the fire alarm panel shut off Dampers in the Ventilation System which stop Smoke Spreading and turn all the Elevators to the ground floor and park them in order to prevent people from using them in case of fire.

Building Management Systems require professionals from the following Streams

Mechanical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Electrical & Electronics Engineer

Electronics & Communication Engineer


Designation of Building Automation Engineer 

BMS Services engineer

BMS Design engineer

BMS Commissioning Engineer

HVAC Engineer

BMS Application Engineer

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